Morten Poulsen



Born in 1973 and attending both school and highschool in Helsingør, Morten was admitted to the Royal Academy of Music at the age of 20 studying the subjects of composition and music theory. In 1994 he recieved a degree as church organ player, which has since been his main occupation and since five years ago holding a full time position as organist and cantor in Vestervang Church in Helsingør.
Beside playing the organ Morten has been working at a high school teaching music, conducting choirs and working freelance as pianist, doing both recitals and theatre work.
As a composer Morten has for a long time been concentrating on choir works and has since joining the Danish choir-centric composers society KomVest been working with some of the best choirs in Denmark. He has also reaches out internationally with choirs in Germany, Holland and Sweden performing some of his pieces, and in 2014 he was invited to the first ”Asia-Europe” New Music Festival in Vietnam with his piece for double-choir ”A Clear Midnight” being performed by the National Opera Choir of Hanoi. In 2018 he again visited Vietnam in the third installment of the festival this time participating with his three-movement Sinfonietta for the instruments.
Morten is a member of the main composers society in Denmark, Danish Composers' Society.


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